We are very pleased to announce the date of the 2021 XX online IH Spring Conference, After the pandemic: reimagining education.
It will provide a great opportunity for members of the ELT community to keep developing professionally and reflecting together on the educational challenges ahead.

Save the date and stay tuned for updates on our social media pages.

Saturday, 11th. September 2021

General Public: $350
The proceeds will be donated to the soup kitchen of the 'Hogar de Cristo' Civil Association Padre Alberto Hurtado inspired by the spirituality of Saint Ignatius of Loyola (Jesuit), founded in Montevideo in 2003 (personería jurídica No. 9579).

Free cost for associated schools and centres
and state education

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Scott Thornbury  |  9:30 to 10:45 hs

Swings and roundabouts: Where we’ve been and where we’re going

The history of language teaching methods is characterized less by a steady progress from darkness into light than by a series of pendulum swings and recurring cycles. Nowhere is this more apparent than in attitudes and approaches to the teaching of grammar. Equally volatile are attitudes to the use of the learners’ L1, and to the accuracy vs. fluency polarity. In this talk, I will review the history of language teaching methods from this cyclical perspective, and attempt to tease out some of the key dimensions along which different methods can be grouped. At the same time, I will dare to predict the next swing of the pendulum, and/or spin of the roundabout.


Scott Thornbury is a teacher educator and writer who, until recently, taught an online MA TESOL program for The New School in New York. Prior to that he spent his entire EFL career with International House: in the UK, Egypt, and Spain, as well as visiting scores of affiliates worldwide. His writing credits include several award-winning books for teachers on language and methodology. He is also the series editor for the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers, and a trustee of the Hands Up Project, which promotes drama activities in English for children in under-resourced regions of the Arab world.

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Jason Skeet  |  10:45 to 12:00 hs

Assessment for Learning in the Primary and Secondary English Classroom

This webinar will help primary and secondary English language teachers to better understand what assessment for learning is (and what it is not). There are two main questions the webinar will try to answer: What is assessment for learning? How does assessment for learning help to support language learners?

The webinar will look at practical ideas for helping teachers to plan assessment for learning and it explores how to build a classroom culture which supports all learners to be confident, motivated and positive. It is hoped that that the ideas in this webinar will influence the way teachers plan and teach English as a foreign language.


Jason Skeet is the Programme Leader for NILE's MA in Professional Development for Language Education (in partnership with the University of Chichester). He is also the Principal Examiner for the Cambridge International Certificate/Diploma in Teaching Bilingual Learners. He works as a freelance consultant and trainer in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), materials development, and formative assessment principles and practice.. He has worked across secondary, FE and HE levels with a diversity of students, teachers and lecturers, in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Russia, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Brazil. Before becoming a teacher trainer, he worked for seven years as an English teacher at a bilingual school in the Netherlands.

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Luciana Fernández  |  13:00 to 14:15 hs

Reimagining Language Classroom Practices: Blending the best of two worlds

In this presentation we will explore how to prepare for schools reopening. Effective classroom practices will build on best practices from classroom instruction and critical skills learned from the distance learning experience to create blended learning opportunities that benefit from the best of two worlds: the virtual and the face-to-face one.

This presentation intends to guide participants through reflecting upon what worked best in distance learning and what didn´t, and explore how to foster collaborative learning, constructivist thinking and effective communication through language in a blended environment.


Luciana is a graduate teacher of English and a teacher educator who has 27 years´ experience in the field of education. She has specialized in Methodology, Teaching Practice, Early Years Education, Literacy and Critical Thinking. She holds a Diploma in Educational Research from University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education. She has also two postgraduate certifications in Teaching for Comprehension and Thinking Cultures (FUNDACIES, Colombia).

Luciana has presented at numerous congresses and conventions both nationally and internationally and was awarded an IATEFL scholarship in 2016. At present she is a Senior Academic Consultant for National Geographic Learning and Trinity College London Argentina and she is an Educational Advisor at several schools. She has been both a teacher and Head teacher at several institutions in Buenos Aires and has been a teacher trainer at ESSARP (English Speaking Scholastic Association of the River Plate) for the past fourteen years.

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Mónica Rodríguez Salvo  |  14:15 to 15:30 hs

Out of H.E.L.L: Heart, engagement, leadership, and laughter in the classroom

Learning English has always been a catalyst for inquiring  about the world and for understanding and creating better, enriched stories for our lives. The challenges we have lived during Pandemic times taught us a valuable lesson: deep learning is always based on the interactions between emotion, cognition, and social abilities, ves connecting with our students at deeper, more personal levels.

In this workshop, the presenter will demonstrate strategies that have proven to be effective with learners of all ages,  within the context of the H.E.L.L model. The focus will be on equipping both teachers and students with the skills needed to navigate a complex social and emotional world after COVID 19.Implementation strategies and real experiences will be shared during the session, as well as the 4 basic principles of the HELL Model:

H: Heart
E: Engagement
L: Leadership
L: Laughter


Mónica is a graduate teacher of English and a Sworn Public translator. She holds a post- graduate degree in Human Resources Management by Universidad de Belgrano and is as a certified and accredited Neurolanguage Coach .Monica is also a Mindfulness practitioner graduated from University of California (UCLA) and holds a diploma in Social and Emotional Learning from San Diego University.  She currently runs her own Educational Institution, InspirED Consultora Educativa, reaching out to hundreds of students and teachers around the world.As an international speaker,  She has presented extensively in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, IATEFL UK, Peru, Germany, TESOL France, TESOL Spain, ASCD United States  with plenary, semi plenary and workshop sessions. She has authored 3 Social and Emotional Learning sections and activities for different levels and books. She is a guest Professor at Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina.

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