Dear all,
We are very pleased to announce the date of our next Spring Conference – Online workshop. It’s a fantastic opportunity for teachers to keep developing professionally and riding the wave of change.

Save the date and stay tuned for updates on our social media pages. We will have a range of international speakers.
We look forward to welcoming you on September 12th! See you there!

“Travelling Without Moving! Learning and engagement during the coronavirus and beyond.”

I think we would all agree we are living through unprecedented times. Our schools, after being closed for months earlier this year, are more than likely going to be closed again and once more restrictions imposed on when we can leave the house, where we can go and who we can meet.

In this session, I will start by reflecting on my observations as a teacher, trainer, and parent during the peak of the pandemic when classes here in Turkey went fully online between March and June of this year. I will look at the things which worked well, the things that we could look to do slightly differently and some underlying fundamentals to consider. I will then jump into doing a series of practical, creative and fun, yet simple ideas and techniques to help with learning and learner engagement.

The examples I give can be applied either in a real bricks-and-mortar classroom or online, are quick-fire so can be seamlessly added to your own lesson plans. They cover the core topic themes so the session should (hopefully!) provide lots of take away activities and ideas you can do with your own learners. Very much looking to seeing you all then.

Based in Istanbul, Steven Ogden is Academic Director at Unlimited Educational Services (UES), Richmond ELT’s exclusive distributor in Turkey. After Steven completed his MA in Literature and Theatre, he went on to complete his English Language Teaching qualifications (CELTA/DELTA). Since then, he has worked in a variety of roles (teacher, coordinator, trainer) in institutions across The Middle East, Japan, China, Sri Lanka, the UK, and Turkey. Prior to joining UES in 2016, he spent the previous 7 years working in ELT publishing as an examination’s writer, teacher trainer and account manager. Steven also writes pre-primary and primary course materials for Richmond ELT Publishing. This is the first time for Steven to work with teachers and educators in Uruguay and is so thrilled to be given the opportunity.

“Rethinking Student and Teacher Roles: Planning for Voice, Choice and Agency in the Language (Virtual) Classroom”

Learner agency is embedded in key competencies related to the capabilities that young people need for growing, working and participating in their communities; it refers to the dispositions that empower students to contribute towards more productive and inclusive workplaces and societies.

What skills, dispositions and competencies has the pandemic proved to be critical for our students as they were removed from the classroom overnight? How have teachers had to rethink their practice as they were removed from the classroom overnight? How can rethinking roles and planning for agency turn crisis into opportunity?

It is the aim of this presentation to answer these big questions with a look back as we reflect upon the challenges faced so far, and a look forward as we plan for change.

Luciana Fernández is a graduate teacher of English and a teacher educator who has 26 years´ experience in the field of education. She has specialized in Methodology, Teaching Practice, Early Years Education, Literacy and Critical Thinking. She holds a Diploma in Educational Research from University of
Cambridge, Faculty of Education. She has also two postgraduate certifications in Teaching for Comprehension and Thinking Cultures (FUNDACIES, Colombia).

Luciana has presented at numerous congresses and conventions both nationally and internationally and was awarded an IATEFL scholarship in 2016.

At present she is a Senior Academic Consultant for National Geographic Learning and Trinity College London Argentina and she is an Educational Advisor at several schools. She has been both a teacher and Head teacher at several institutions in Buenos Aires and has been a teacher trainer at ESSARP (English Speaking Scholastic Association of the River Plate) for the past fourteen years.

Global skills and how to incorporate them into the classroom

Global skills can be defined as the set of skills which are critical for lifelong learning and success. If we accept that the English teacher’s job goes beyond just the teaching of English and is to prepare student for future success, then we need to be incorporating global skills into the classroom. This session looks at how we can do this with the resources we already have and without radically changing our current teaching practice.

Phillip is originally from England but has been living in Mexico since 1995, where he works as the Senior Academic Consultant for Oxford University Press Mexico. He has delivered sessions throughout the Americas, in Indonesia and Vietnam, supporting and training teachers in Primary, Secondary and Adult levels. Philip is the author/co-author of several ELT series published in Mexico, is a frequent contributor to the OUP ELT Global Blog, and is a certified Oxford Teacher´s Academy (OTA) international trainer.

“Welcome to the kingdom of COI: the community of inquiry”

Teaching students through curiosity supposes an extra difficulty for teachers. This webinar seeks to shine light on the kingdom of COI, the acronym for the “community of inquiry” (Dewey & Peirce).
Teachers will find opportunities for students to think about the world, now through the challenges of the online environment. Knowledge can be ambiguous, equivocal, and mysterious, which means we have the perfect setting for learning to take place. What is knowledge? How does learning happen in our minds? Come to this session and fire up your creativity to teach new lessons!

Alex Tamulis is the academic coordinator for Macmillan Education. He has been involved in ELT since 1998, teaching at various language schools and also working as a translator for MTV Brazil. A CPE and CELTA holder, he´s got a B.A in social communication and a B.A in linguistics from the University of Sao Paulo.

Social and emotional literacy to surf the waves of change: learner agency at the core of our teaching”

Pandemic times have taught us the importance of student centricity in our teaching processes. During this session we will talk about emotional literacy as a pivotal factor in the education we want to create for the future. We will explore the integrative nature of emotion and cognition through practical activities that can be included right away in our sessions. We will focus on how to hone emotional security in our classes so as to create an environment conducive to better learnings, and through a reflection circle we will also build hands-on ideas for immediate implementation in the classroom.

Mónica is a graduate teacher of English and a Sworn Public translator. She holds a postgraduate degree in Human Resources Management and is as a certified and accredited Neurolanguage Coach. Monica is also a Mindfulness practitioner graduated from the University of California (UCLA) and holds a diploma in Social and Emotional Learning from San Diego University. As a teacher trainer, she has delivered professional development courses on various topics. She specializes in Social and Emotional Learning and Mindfulness for Education. She currently runs her own Educational Institution, InspirED Consultora Educativa. She has presented extensively in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, UK, Peru, Germany, France and the United States with plenary, semi-plenary and workshop sessions. She has authored 3 Social and Emotional Learning projects for different levels and books.


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