"Change and Innovation in Education"

Thanks very much to everyone who took part in our International House Montevideo Summer Conference. It was a huge success and we wish you all a wonderful beginning of term. Special thanks to Richmond Uruguay, Oxford University Press, Pearson, National Geographic, Bookshop, Macmillan, Anglia and Urutesol. Stay in touch for more professional development, and remember – think IH, think success.


INNOVATION and EDUCATION – What is the answer to this conundrum?

In this workshop, we are going to assess how difficult it is to truly change education and will challenge some of the self-proclaimed innovations in the field. By looking at the history of teaching and learning and pinpointing some of the latest trends, we will raise questions regarding effectiveness, learner outcomes, relevance and true impact of ideas that might be good – but may not have genuinely innovated our practice

Phases New Edition
Aim Right. Aim at C.

The presentation will look briefly at the general principles and common problems encountered in teaching multi-ability classes which may have students with Special Educational Needs. The presenter will also touch on good classroom practices that benefit all students, including those with SEN

Are they learning what I am teaching?
From activities to Performances of Understanding

How possible is it to be sure that our students are learning what we teach? How can teachers tell students understand what they are being taught? Can there be any learning if there is no understanding?

Understanding is the ability to use knowledge in thought-provoking ways to explain, interpret, analyze, compare, make analogies and make connections. Performances of understanding are tasks, activities and assignments through which students can demonstrate and develop their understanding of core knowledge and skills.

It is the aim of this presentation to explore what performances of understanding are and how they are critical in providing compelling evidence about student´s understanding.

Teachers as changemakers

Core themes: Life skills, innovation, social and emotional learning.

What is the role of teachers in an innovative, fast-paced society? What drives us as Educators? Teachers influence how students will shape the world, and our role is rich in opportunities to foster micro and macro innovations. Are we aware of those opportunities? Do we embrace change? We are on the verge of vast shifts in the world, where the future of skills will be influenced by our own re-shaped approach and inspiration as educators. In this session, we will focus on 3 main axes that correspond to some of the most important challenges we are facing in Education: Centricity, social and emotional development, and collaboration. We will explore the future of skills, nurture our inner innovator with proven techniques for the classroom, and tackle the development of essential aspects related to the development of life skills.


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